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Pater Franz Konrad: * Mainz 1934 † 2005, Mainz
Execution: Drawing, pencil
Date: 1975
Dimensions: 22 x 29 cm /with passe-partout 50 x 70 cm
Signed: on the reverse
Provenance: original work from private collection

Father Franz Konrad was a German religious priest and artist.

About the spiritual life of Father Franz Konrad the stations and his work are documented, but there are only a few records, to his one artistic path.

In 1957 Franz Konrad joined the Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.
He studied philosophy and theology at the Hünfelder Ordenshochschule. In Munich, Franz Konrad completed specialized theological studies at the University of Munich and received his doctorate in philosophy in 1970.Father Franz Konrad was not only a highly respected theologian and recognized teacher, but also a passionate artist active for over 6 decades. As a self-taught artist, he created a valuable collection in over six decades. Father Franz Konrad is considered a prolific artist whose œuvre includes over 800 works.

An interesting part of his early work is taken up by the partly colored print works, with which Father Franz Konrad worked quite confidently. He created unusual compositional images with amusing figures and depicted them in exciting pictorial narratives. Motivically, the spectrum ranges from symbolically charged figures to collaged history, showing exciting metamorphic formations and almost surrealistic representations.

He created his first collage paintings as early as the late 1960s, in parallel with his early crayon/pencil drawings. These occupy a prominent position in Father Franz Konrad’s oeuvre.

During his lifetime, his works were shown at exhibitions in Mainz, Berlin, Cornberg, Hünfeld, Bacharach and on the island of Pellworm.

In his art, Father Franz Konrad continues in the spirit of the avant-garde, experimenting his painting style through other painting techniques and with new drawing media. This includes in particular a series of works from the 1970s. It includes a large number of hand drawings executed in felt-tip pen, in which the artist visualizes his feelings and thoughts in a refined and spontaneous manner. The artist underwent a significant further development starting in the 1980s. To this later period belong the expressive, colorful colored pencil drawings. This phase is characterized by the use of geometric shapes, vivid colors, as well as abstract figures and characterize his main work.

In the later developmental stages of his life, from about the 1995s, Father Franz Konrad further developed his colored pencil drawings, creating more complex compositions.